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Window Tinting

Benefits of Car Window Tinting

The most obvious and important benefit to using Car Window Tint is how it protects the interior of your vehicle from the damaging effects of UV deterioration. The sun damages about everything it beats on for for extended periods of time, it can fade and crack your dashboard, dry our and fade your leather or vinyl upholstery and it can even fade your car's carpeting. Installing window tint will increase the value of your car due to the fact your interior is protected from the sun's damaging UV rays.

Privacy is another important benefit to using Car Window Tinting. Since people can not easily see in your car you are safer due to the fact that someone wanting to cause you harm does not know who or how many people are inside your car. Plus your valuables are protected since they can not easily be seen when you are shopping or parked. Using window tinting gives you all the safety and security that regular auto windows could never give, you don't have to fear driving alone at night because it is difficult to see in a tinted window especially in the evening.

Using window film also reduces the amount of time your air conditioner needs to run to reach a comfortable temperature thereby saving you money and helping to protect the environment. Window film is a know and trusted "Green" technology.

We will keep both you and your car feeling and looking cool. Plus we will do the best work at an unbeatable price!

Oxford Tinting

When we tint your car we do not remove more than is necessary i.e. if we donít have to remove the glass we wonít and same with door cards. Most modern cars are so easy to work on we donít even have to remove a door card to gain suitable access to ensure there are no visible edges to your tint. As for the job we do every effort is made to ensure cleanliness and our cleaning process is faultless ensuring the cleanest glass for the film to be fitted. Installation times vary, with the average car taking approximately 4 hours to complete.

As part of our after sales service to all our automotive clients, we provide a
free installation of your window tint if any of your windows are broken, simply replace the window and we will match you original shade and re-tint free of charge.

Our installations are available in a variety of different types and shades of film, charcoal, true grey, reflective and non-reflective, light, medium and dark to coordinate and enhance your vehicle backed by our market leading warranties.

It couldn't be easier. To book in your vehicle all you have to do is to simply phone us.

See our range of high performance shades
Below we can have given our most popular shades. Other shades
and colours are available on request.

5% - limo black, this is suitable for b-post back only
20% - as factory on most 4x4's and mpv's suitable for b-post back only
35% - a medium smoke
50% - the next step down from the factory "Clear" glass

5% - reflective (one way mirror)
20% - reflective (one way mirror)

Detailed Tinted Window Film Specifications:

Heat Rejected VLT* When Applied
To Clear Glass
UV Rays Blocked
Limo Up to 66% Up to 5% Up to 99%
Dark Up to 59% Up to 21% Up to 99%
Medium Up to 47% Up to 40% Up to 99%
Light Up to 44% Up to 45% Up to 99%
*Visible Light Transmitted


Window Tinting Window Tint - Rear
Half Vehicle
Window Tint -
Full Vehicle
3 Door Hatchback (Eg: Corsa, Golf, Micra) from £50 from £80
3 Door Coupe (Eg: E36, Hyundai, Fiat) from £60 from £90
5 Door Hatchback up to 5 windows (Eg: 206, Punto, Aygo) from £60 from £90
5 Door Hatchback up to 7 windows (Eg: Civic, Astra, Focus) £70 £100
5 Door Hatchback up to 9 windows (Eg: Jazz, Meriva) £70 £110
5 Door Hatchback over 9 windows (Eg: A-class) £80 £110
4 Door Saloon (Eg: Mondeo, Vectra, 3 Series) £80 £110
5 Door Estate up to 7 windows (Eg: Accord, V40, Passat) £80 £110
5 Door Estate up to 9 windows (Eg: Saab 93, Vectra, Avensis) £90 £120
4 x 4 / MPV (Eg: X5, Xsara, Galaxy, FreeLander) £120 £150
Windscreen Sunstrip, many colours and shades from £15
Film removal £20 per hour
Prices may vary depending on vehicle size, type, film usage and window condition.

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