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Parking Sensors

You want to protect your vehicle when you park especially in densely packed areas such as car parks and multistory car parks. For this very reason you attempt to park your car where it will be protected from dents, scrapes and bangs.
Many cars as standard donít come equipped with electromagnetic parking sensors. They very rarely have anything to protect your car from such scena
rios especially electromagnetic parking sensors. Many dealers supply ultrasonic parking sensors and these are a factory upgrade with prices starting at about £300 so don't overpay! Our prices start from £40.

Parking sensor fit Oxford

Advantages of the Electromagnetic Parking Sensor:

The first advantage one that the electromagnetic parking sensor gives you is that it is compatible and works on almost every car manufactured today worldwide. 4 car models are currently on the incompatible list:

Mitsubishi L200 | Nissan Pathfinder | Nissan Navara | Toyota Rav 4 (Pre 2006)

Secondly the electromagnetic parking sensor is a no holes, no drill, no damage parking sensor. This means the actual electromagnetic parking sensors will adhere to the inner side of your front and rear bumpers, without affecting the aesthetics and new factory look of your car!

The electromagnetic parking sensors technology is also only used by a few elite manufacturers and Parking Dynamics. The reason car manufacturerís use it is because of the invisible when fitted design coupled with no need for maintenance ensuring a fit and forget product.

Another advantage to the electromagnetic parking sensors is the voltage that acts like a detector. The voltage is sent to the sensor so that audible tones can reach the driver. The tones are offered per zones, i.e. the distance you are to the object. The closer the electromagnetic parking sensor is to the object the more constant the tone is. The different zones allow you plenty of time to react before causing potential damage.

As you reverse Zone 1 (furthest away from the object) picks up the object first.

Zone 1: 0.8 to 0.5 Metres in length - The 1st tone signals with a slow "be-be-be" sound
Zone 2: 0.5 to 0.25 Metres in length - The 2nd tone is a faster "be-be-be" sound
Zone 3: 0.25 to 0 Metres in length - the 3rd tone is a constant "beee" sound

The electromagnetic parking sensors have a built in maintenance system that is initialized upon activation. It will run the diagnostics check and give you real time feedback each time you place the vehicle in reverse or activate the front sensor by pushing the included switch. Therefore, there is no maintenance required on the electromagnetic parking sensor.

Disadvantages of the Electromagnetic Parking Sensor:

First the electromagnetic parking sensors donít work with the Mitsubishi L200, Nissan Pathfinder, Nissan Navara, and Toyota Rav 4 (pre 2006). Considering all of the cars on the market this is a tiny disadvantage for a few car owners. The sensor wonít work with these cars as the bumper is built into the rear door and is metal.

The electromagnetic reverse sensor cannot be used on a metal bumper, without modifications. However, this doesnít exclude metal bumpers at all as if you insulate the metal bumper then the sensor works fine.

The electromagnetic parking sensors can be sensitive to heavy rain however there is an intelligent system built in that enables the sensor to detect rain and adjust the sensitivity accordingly. The effect occurs due to the rain washing over the bumper where the electromagnetic reversing sensor is fitted.

Electromagnetic parking sensors Key Features:

- Maintenance FREE - No cleaning, painting of sensors or constant testing required! - 100% accurate and responsive in all weather conditions - Sun, Rain, Wind, Snow or Hail.
- Fits all Cars, Vans, Motorhomes & Caravans (12V) that have a plastic bumper.
- 2 Year No Quibble Manufacturers Guarantee with Technical Helpline.

Electromagnetic rear parking sensors £49
Electromagnetic front parking sensors £49
Electromagnetic rear parking sensors with visual alert £69
Electromagnetic front & rear pack --
Electromagnetic front & rear with visual alert pack --
Wireless Ultrasonic parking sensors
Professional service available in Oxfordshire
Parking sensors in Oxford

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