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Parking Sensors

You want to protect your vehicle when you park especially in densely packed areas such as car parks and multistory car parks. For this very reason you attempt to park your car where it will be protected from dents, scrapes and bangs. Reduces the risk of unwanted contacts due to distraction, poor visibility or lack of space in the parking lots in the city and inside the box and garages.

Parking Sensors detect obstacles behind you to aid your parking and enable you to get into those tight spots without damaging your car. Using Ultrasonic technology they emit a cone of sound behind your car which bounces of obstacles behind and returns to the sensor, the time taken for these sound waves to bounce and return off obstructions behind your car is how they calculate the distance to the obstacle behind you.

We offer a range of mounting options for these sensors from the traditional flush fitting sensors with just an audible alert or a combined display and with audio feedback to individual adhesive sensors, bumper mounted strips and systems with reversing cameras.

Oxford Ultrasonic Parking Sensors

Apart from the obvious safety advantages, financially reverse parking systems will pay for themselves if it prevents you from having just one accident. Regardless of your insurance there is always that "excess" on your policy which is a minimum of 100 these days. Any claims you make could damage your no-claims bonus and would impact on your next year's renewal fees. It will also help you park in confidence in front of people without damaging your pride.

All systems are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 12 or 24 months. We also offer spare sensors should you have accidents - such as people driving into the back of you - or should you need any new sensors outside of warranty.

The parking sensor does not need to fix wire from the rear of the vehicle to front, but uses wireless technology to make the communication between the control box at the back of the vehicle and the front displayer...

If you like to install a parking sensor system likes original come from your car manufactory, then it's one! This parking sensor system likes most of the original parking sensor systems from car manufactories, using buzzer warning system and LED/LCD display units (optional). The warming buzzer sounds in different frequencies according to different distance. Details are shown in the table:

We also can provide Blue, sliver, White, gray and Maroon colour sensors, see the picture below, if you want to spray colour on the top of sensors, please choose black colour. Please note The colour displayed on your monitor is possible different from real sensor, but the pictures were taken from real sensors with digital camera and flash

Parking sensors fitting in Oxford
Rear parking sensors (buzzer only) 29
Rear parking sensors (LED display) 34
Rear parking sensors (LCD display) 39
Single Bypass Relay for parking systems 20
Parking sensors for pick up truck / metal bumper 69
Parking sensors for pick up truck with LED display 89
Professional service available in Oxfordshire

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